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RAD represents smokin' hot performers ~

actors, models, singers, musicians, influencers, sportspersons, & More!

At RAD, its about getting our hands on the coolest talent in town! From sizzling opportunities to seductive gigs in films, TV shows, and commercials, we're all about keeping our clients on top of their game! And when it comes to working with casting directors, producers, and production houses, we get our clients the coolest connects in showbiz!

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Calling all wordsmiths, storytellers, and creative minds!

HubHawks and RAD Entertainment join forces to bring your stories to life! Our stories are making their grand debut on the big screen, web series, and TV! If you have a story or valuable piece of writing, we publish it and take it straight to titans of the industry – production luminaries, visionary filmmakers, broadcasters, and renowned platforms!

Let's alchemise literary gems into cinematic triumphs! Share your work with us at hello@radinc.in.

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Seduce the market with SMOKIN' brandS and leave your competitors begging for more!

RAD Entertainment has been bringing hype to the entertainment industry since 2017! Our mission is to empower the raddest talent out there with top-notch representation, management, and development services, while also producing dope content that sets the bar high. We're all about creating a vibin' community that fosters growth and creativity. We're here to help slay your goals and make a mark in entertainment.

#RADEntertainment #TalentManagementGoals #ContentProductionVibes​.​

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Let's turn up the heat and ignite the market with TALENT, that's SIZZLING WITH FIRE!

From the glitz of A-listers to the avant-garde genius of indie artists, the entertainment industry boasts a kaleidoscope of diverse talents. The mesmerizing charisma of actors and musicians, the boundless imagination of writers and directors, the irreverent wit of comedians, the effortless chic of models and makeup artists, and the precise artistry of cinematographers, sound designers, and film editors. RAD harnesses this dynamic mosaic of skills and expertise to support the backbone of the entertainment landscape.

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hook-up with IN-film branding, live events & influencer endorsements that'll rock your brand.

RAD knows how to slay the entertainment game with our boss brand management skills. We're talkin' blockbuster movies, chart-toppin' music labels, streaming services, and social media platforms that'll have audiences worldwide straight vibin' to your brand. Our savvy strategies and innovative techniques are on point, keeping your brand lit and ahead of the pack. So if you wanna own the entertainment scene, hit us up and let's make it happen!

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RAD is all about crafting epic stories with killer characters, unique situations, and juicy conflicts.

RAD is about developing endless dope content that'll keep you coming back for more! We're talkin' visually stunning films, captivating stories, addictive TV series, catchy music videos, exciting non-fiction specials, viral social media content, and everything in between. Content development at RAD is all about crafting epic stories with killer characters, unique situations, and juicy conflicts that'll have you hooked from the jump.

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Unleash Your Media's Full Potential with RAD's Epic Production Services.

At RAD, we cover all your media production needs, from epic feature films to addictive TV shows and captivating documentaries to killer music videos and web series, commercials, podcasts, and live events. You name it, and we got it. At RAD, the production game is on lock, so level up your media game with us!

"I have to hand it to the team for helping us produce an ad campaign that was absolutely off the charts! Their attention to detail made our product stand out in the crowded market. We can't wait to work together on our next project."


Working with the team on our TV commercial was an incredible experience! The team brought a unique perspective to our project, and their professionalism and expertise shone through in the finished product."


"Our Radha TMT Steel TV commercial was simply fantastic! The team's innovative approach and seamless execution made for a genuinely remarkable TVC that was spectacular.


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Give us a shout out to keep it real, fresh and dope.

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With a BTech in Electronics and an MBA in Marketing, Rajiv Krishna is a dynamic leader passionate about the great outdoors, wildlife photography, and cricket. Driven by sharp business acumen, K Rajiv Krishna co-founded RAD with a bold vision of creating a platform that connects gifted artists and technicians with brands seeking partnerships.


RAD's mission is to provide clients with the resources and support they require to excel in various domains, such as acting, music, sports, and beyond. With a team of seasoned talent managers, brand strategists, and marketing experts, the company strives to establish enduring relationships with clients and provide bespoke plans that identify opportunities to maximize their potential. Rajiv's stellar career began with KWAN Entertainment, where he excelled as a Celebrity Endorsement and Sales Manager, driving impressive sales growth in the southern region. As the Business Head of Unlu, Rajiv led the sales team to triple its sales, managed over 2000 artists and influencers, and pioneered monetization solutions like Unlu class and Creators Room that transformed music, scripts, and lyrics into a sustainable source of income.

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Viren Thambidorai is the ultimate multi-hyphenate: actor, director, producer, cinematographer, writer, and media consultant with over 25 years of experience in the creative industry. With his extensive network and resources across domains, Viren is a master at designing, producing, and managing top-notch content across media.


He's got mad skills in show running and ad filmmaking, but what stands out is his tech-savvy approach and deep understanding of multimedia platforms. As Creative Producer at Suresh Productions, Viren rocked the film production processes and digital post-technologies, helping Spirit Media become one of the top post-production facilities in South India. He also held it down as Academic Director at Ramanaidu Film School, mentoring the next generation of filmmakers and faculty members from FTII. As Creative Director at Viu, Viren was responsible for content development, management, production, and acquisition. And at Kwan Entertainment, he built a team of strategy consultants, storytellers, talent agents, and content creators to come up with innovative solutions across media platforms.

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